Adventure Trail
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Course en canoë
Course en canoë

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Orientation avec riverbook
Orientation avec riverbook

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Course en canoë
Course en canoë

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Minimum 8 people.

Possible in rowing boats (4 people)

or by canoe (3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 small children).

1 adult obligatory per boat .

Prices (excluding package) are per person. Packages are applicable per 3 boats.

Canoe users need to know how to
submerge and swim 25 meters

Discovery of the marsh differently...  in a more playful and sporty way!

At the start, a presentation briefing allows you to discover the marsh and obtain the answers.

A riverbook is given to each team. Depending on the answers chosen, it will orient you (different possible circuits).

The boat is more stable, the canoe faster. The same type of boat must be chosen for the whole group.

The options  : team management (timing, prize-giving, medals or diplomas, photo report, etc.)

Possibility of special routes:  canoe race or relay in the marshes, delivery of canoes to a specific site...

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