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1h30/2h animation-jeux
+ Prévoir temps pour
l'accueil et le goûter
135€ jusque 10 enfants
    6€/enfant supplémentaire

Sur réservation aux beaux jours

Birthday party

Come and celebrate your child's birthday outside in Clairmarais.

The formula includes:

+  sensory animations with a nature animator

& outdoor games  (ball...) -  1h30 to 2h

+ A provision of our relaxation area
+ A covered outdoor space
+ A surprise
  for the child celebrating his birthday

Additionally, you can:

Embark on a ride in the  swamp

by large boat or by bacôve for a discovery of 1 hour

(6.50€ per child, 8€ per adult).

Go on a ride with a small boat (6 people per boat) - See our prices

If you want us to prepare the birthday snacks, add 5.50€/person (chocolate birthday cake, plate of sweets

and bottles of fruit juice will be served)

Otherwise you can bring what you want as a snack

and plan everything you need (cups, plates, small decoration...)

Note on the invitation: Let's meet at Ô Marais, 3 rue du Marais in Clairmarais.

Area available from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

BBQ rental
Caution de 50 €
+ Achat de ticket boisson
à 2.8 € par personne

Bring your own food to grill, come and enjoy our barbecue!

The customer must bring the equipment to light and maintain the fire. The grills and cleaning kit are supplied in exchange for the deposit.

All the equipment must be returned clean and in good condition
otherwise there will be a complete loss of the deposit.

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