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You are a kindergarten, primary school, or you  teach in secondary or higher education? You want your pupils to discover the marsh and its riches, but not only...

From half a day to the whole day, our programs are made for you!

We can also book complementary activities with our partner sites.

A single contact for your day and the program will be well put together.

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I am



Package 20 children minimum


30 people maximum

1h30 to 2h 

Reservation all year round

Feel free to submit a story you are working on in class.

At the bottom of my bag


Let the children enter the books… A narrated book, but not only!

At the start of a story or a book Bénédicte will draw from the bottom of her bag something that she will use to bring to life its characters, and all the imaginary world around them. Children will be invited to take part in twists and turns and to live the adventures of the protagonists, that is to say build an imaginary world, make potions, sort waste, look for small animals, jump like frogs...

Harry-Potter, the garden of tales, the small animals, tell your waste, the marsh...

Here are so many themes that every children will like. 

The activities are adapted depending on the age and number of children.  

This activity takes place outside, on the Ô Marais site in Clairmarais, for 1 class (30 children).

Animations are recommended for one level, but can be adapted to match your projects. 

If you are studying a book, do not hesitate to submit it to us.

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Package 320€

50 children maximum

30 mins to 1 hour

Reservation all year round

Feel free to submit a theme you are working on in class.



Once upon a time… two dimples accompanied by curls, a round little woman whom the wind from the seaside gently pushed on the path of the tales .

She reads beautiful things that she likes to share; she also writes short stories inspired by her encounters. Her tales are like the tide: they scream loudly and they caress tenderly, they are invigorating and they surprise, they smell good and they carry us away. They always bring us back to the Things of life... Time, love, happiness, others!

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7.5€ per child

120 people

2 hours

April to September

Measure 1m40 to pedal.
1 adult minimum every two rando-rails.
  4 people per rando-rail, 2 pedalers/rando-rail.

The Rando-Rail

Imagine a place surrounded by hundred-year-old trees, an old train station...

where you find funny pedal machines.

On an old railway line, 2 routes to choose from, which are 9km round trip each,

on strange Rando-rails pedaling machines

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la coupole - centre_d_histoire_edited.jpg
LA COUPOLE - centre d'histoire_edited.jpg

5€ per child

250 visitors


All year by reservation

Recommended from cycle III

La Coupole - History Center

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From Nazi madness to the hidden face of space conquest,

passing through the dark years of the occupation,

La Coupole offers an immersion in the past and a fresh look at the present.

Originally, La Coupole was a huge bunker built by the Nazis in 1943-1944

to launch the V2 rockets on London. Since 1997, La Coupole has been a History Center  for analyzing and understanding the conflicts of the 20th century .

The visit is carried out using an audioguide headset  

which allows you to follow the course

in the language of your choice and at your own pace.  

The audio guide can be adapted to the hearing impaired.

Support materials need to be printed before the outing.

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Planetarium - Planete(c)La Coupole_edited.jpg
Planetarium - Leonov(c)La Coupole_edited.jpg

5€ per child

139 people

1 hour

All year by reservation

Recommended from primary

The Planetarium

Scientific extension of La Coupole,

the Planetarium completes the historical program of the museum. since 2012.

This equipment is one of the most important planetariums in France .

Equipped with the latest generation of active glasses, and comfortably seated on one of the 139 reclined seats, you will be immersed among the stars thanks to the 360° hemispherical screen of 15 meters in diameter. Live a unique experience that will take you in the wake of Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong.



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ATELIER MARE_edited.jpg

7€ per child
5€10/additional adult

139 people


All year by reservation

Accessible to the youngest

Jardins du Cygne


« Citizenship and solidarity actions for Mankind and its environment »

At the foot of Mount Cassel, Les Jardins du Cygne (or "The Swan gardens) welcome you to its 3-hectare wooded site  to make you discover the natural environment in its diversity  : pond, wood, meadows, orchard, vegetable garden. Corresponding with the programs of the French Ministry of National Education, the teaching approaches are:  sensory, emotional, artistic and playful. There is a reception room in case of rain.

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195€/la 1/2 journée* pour 1 grp de 30 élèves, ou 2 grp de 2h.
366€/la journée*. 2 grp de 30 en 1/2 j, ou 4 grp de 2 h.
*Prix au guide.

Toute l'année

sur réservation


30 personnes

par guide

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Discovering birds with the LPO Pas-de-Calais

"Acting for Biodiversity"

During this field trip on the theme of local Nature,

the LPO 62 takes you on an adventure to discover birds around Ô Marais by ISNOR.

Blockhouse of Eperlecques

Ouvert du

1/03 au 31/10, 7j/7.

Fermé le mardi matin

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Max. 100 personnes en 1 visite.

Conseillé à partir de 8 ans

5.50 € / enfant 
8.20 € / adulte supp
1 adulte gratuit / 12 enfants
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German secret weapons, the first step towards the conquest of space,

place of memory, authentic and moving!

the  Blockhouse of Eperlecques is the largest blockhouse in the north of France, evidence of this dark period that was 1939-1945.  Open to the public since 1973, it was listed as a Historic Monument in 1985.

By visiting the Blockhouse of Eperlecques, you will discover  an authentic launching pad  and its V1 ready to take off. At the center of the blockhouse and of a wooded park, you will discover with sound and visual documents, discover why Eperlecques was chosen to build the first fully autonomous V2 rocket launch base.  

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