Sensorial Path

Outside in the garden

Reservation all year round

1h30 to 2h
+15 min for explanations

5€/if service only

Group pricing for 20 children minimum

Accessible by reservation

The animations adapt to the age of the children.


This activuity is a sensory workshop, the child is actor of his own discovery.  They participates fully in the activity.

We make a presentation of the stands to the adults supervising the groups.
Then, the children discover the different sensory workshops.

They apprehend, name and test the sensations it brings to them.

Children's Olympics
4 € / enfant
Lot 1 € / enfant
- de 30 enfants = forfait à 120 €

Toute l'année sur réservation

Build your teams and go for many different competitions: tug-of-war, sack race, chair or back to back races, water or potato relay, shot put, penalty shoot-out, long jump...

Treasure hunt in the reserve
1.5 € / enfant
- de 20 enfants = forfait à 60 €

Toute l'année sur réservation

  At the end of your boat trip, when you return by foot to the Romelaëre Nature Reserve, the children will have to solve the clues to find the missing treasure.

( Warning :  in addition to the cruise "The different facets of the marsh" only.)

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